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Orion/Meeting minutes/20160524


  • Grant, Carolyn, Eric, Olivier, Silenio, Corey, Sidney, Muhammad, Jenny, Libing, Mike, Curtis


JS Tooling improvements, primarily in support of ES6:

  • import/export statement fixes
  • working on syntax styling of backtick strings
  • adapting detection of occurrences for ES6, and writing accompanying test cases (more work remaining)
  • improved ES6 linting
  • improved support for projects (eg.- auto-setup up for AMD)
  • adopted latest EScope version

node server:

  • updated to latest nodegit version, contains several bug fixes and some performance improvement
  • implemented node endpoint to get version
  • other node bug fixes


  • electron app now detects that it’s on the desktop and can adapt accordingly
  • implemented some adaptations and bug fixes
  • electron auto-update implementation done on Windows, next will be OS X


  • fixed dnd of multiple files
  • accessibility team will start testing us soon

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