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Orion/Meeting minutes/20160426


  • Carolyn, Grant, Troy, Silenio, Eric, Olivier, Silenio, Libing, Anthony, Sidney, Mike, Curtis


  • continuing tern 18 integration work
  • started pushing in the work for 'javascript project', to enable us to sniff various configuration files (project.json, package.json, jsconfig.json, .eslintrc) and automatically configure Orion
  • work to move up to acorn 3.1.0 and doctrine 1.2.1, will release once approvals have been received for both
  • code assist upper/lower case filtering fixes
  • node.js server implementation and fixes, primarily around git
  • selection model change, now emulates desktop behaviour by default (can change Orion preference to change this back to previous behaviour)
  • problem view bug fixes
  • have a means of reproducing Selenium tests that periodically fail on test server, can now investigate fixes
  • reviewing accessibility test plan and Aria 1.1 docs

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