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Orion/Meeting minutes/20160419


  • Grant, Carolyn, Libing, Silenio, Sidney, Troy, Olivier, Eric, Mike, Curtis, Corey


  • file client now sends resource change notifications
  • for text styling, work to convert Oniguruma regex’s to native JS RegExp’s when possible (normalizing “(?m)” regex’s, converting global “(?.)” flags to normal global flags, converting group 1 “(?.:” flags to global flags when group 1 spans the full regex)
  • node server work, including many fixes for Unicode
  • prep for accessibility verification team, and reviewing ARIA spec documentation
  • welcome Sidney! Is joining us for a few months

JS tooling:

  • module loading fixes
  • improvements to quick fixes for unknown modules
  • updated cross-filing linting for handling missing references
  • working towards moving up to tern 0.18
  • working on analyzing jsdoc content to assist with computing references

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