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Orion/Meeting minutes/20160301


  • Curtis, Mike, Dana, Carolyn, Grant, Libing, Eric, Steve, Olivier, Silenio, Troy


  • bug fixing for EclipseCon demo
  • support for angular demo
  • added quick fixes for JSON files
  • need a JSON parser to do cooler stuff with JSON
  • will be changing metrics logging to a service so that available to plugins
  • released cross-file listing
  • fixing issus in HTML code assist
  • fixing parse recovery issue (killed parse)
  • fixed search exception in server (safeguard in server)
  • added refresh button for problem view
  • changing CSS to reduce padding
  • fixing selenium tests (tests repo not refreshed)
  • focusing on sublime plugin for JS tools, trying to implement quick fix
  • reviewing IBM accessibility cursors

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