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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150811


John, Steve, McQ, Eric, Silenio, Anthony, Dana, Libing, Curtis, MikeR


  • Wrapping up support for re-targeting key bindings
  • Bringing back the playback reviews
  • Reporting and fixing accessibility defects
  • Added more documentation to the standalone editor wiki page
  • Various fixes made in editor and git page
  • Prototyping "find all references" using Tern
    • Released in master but not enabled
    • Tern implementation doesn't scale, have to feed entire workspace into it
    • Using only Tern not viable
    • Looking at using global search to narrow the scope of what to feed into Tern
    • fixing tooling regressions in editor tooltips (hovers) introduced by switching to tooltips generated by Tern

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