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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150630


Mike, Curtis, Silenio, John, Eric, Grant, Anthony, Libing


Orion 9 was released last week. Yay!


  • Investigating multiple selection problem on iPad
  • Looking into supporting displaying partial search results while search is running
  • Syntax styling for .gitignore, .git files
  • Updated automated tests to run against latest browser versions
  • Wrote blog post about standalone editor
  • Adding support for inserting custom syntax styling grammars for basic standalone editor
    • Should we get rid of the old non-plugin editor package?
    • Lookup the download stats for embedded editor
  • Fixing bugs in Git page
    • UI issues
    • page refresh problems
    • Corner case where user could not push
  • Working on performance improvements:
    • Scoping file name search to local repository/folder
    • Scoping search performed by content assist
    • Checkbox to optionally search all projects
  • Fixing bugs with script resolution
    • fix in script resolver
    • fixed es6 lint bugs
    • Rewriting html content assist
    • Updating editor 3rd party libraries
    • Investgiating bug in Safari with WeakMap
    • We may have to drop support for Safari version from OS X 10.9
  • Reviewing output from latest user study, identifying priority things to fix to improve the new user experience
  • Gave two Orion talks at EclipseCon France, well attended and positive feedback

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