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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150526

Attendees: John, Silenio, Anton, Anthony, Mike, Curtis, Dana, Libing, Grant


  • Some minor polish to presentation of content assist
  • Updated hover support to show deprecated state of functions, @see references
  • Added plugin for controlling tern, stopping it, showing/controlling tern plugins
  • Added a tern preference page to allow advanced users to configure it
  • Minified the tern worker in our build to improve load performance
  • Enabled csslint for embedded style blocks in HTML files
  • Have a working demo of standalone editor with JS tooling working, connecting it to Node-RED as a test case
  • Investigating enabling HTTP2/SPDY on the Orion server
  • Investigating design for showing more verbose deploy feedback
  • Git page was broken by Chrome 43, released a fix in stable branch
  • Working on improving editor page load performance
    • Experimenting with merging plugins to see how much speedup it gives
    • Experimenting with workers for other plugins (currently using it for Tern only)

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