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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150512


  • John, Steve, Anthony, Libing, Silenio, Jefferson, Dana, Mike R, Curtis, Eric

General announcements

  • There is a lot of new functionality going into this week's stable branch: Tern capabilities, split editors, new page styling. We need to test and stabilize this branch and get it out to our stable server (
  • We have completed the mass bugzilla cleanup. 1000+ bugs were closed. Everyone make sure there are reasonable priorities set on bugs owned by you. We will be more carefully triaging incoming defects to keep our backlog healthy.

Status updates

  • Working on getting cross-file tern language tooling enabled, working out scalability issues
  • Added more logging to our server self hosting support to debug problems with running it on other servers
  • New banner and styling work is all released
  • Working on performance of loading the editor
    • Getting entire parent chain in one request when opening a given file in the editor (Ctrl+Shift+F)
  • Working on packaging standalone editor widget
    • Demo page showing standalone editor with JavaScript tools included
    • Trying to get the Tern worker script included in the packaged editor

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