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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150505


  • Mike
  • Curtis
  • Grant
  • John
  • Libing
  • Silenio
  • Anton
  • Anthony
  • Eric
  • Carolyn


  • We are seeing performance problem with metadata intensive operations such as "git status"
    • This is on a multi-node clustered Orion configuration with a large active user base
    • Investigating improvements to OS-level disk caching, and alternate storage options to improve performance
  • Logging improvements: Removed used of OSGi FrameworkLog in favour of LOG4J. Improved logging of critical startup failures.
  • Working on support to enable GitHub pull/push using auth tokens
  • Moved client test suites to use newer browser versions
    • Need to investigate new test failures
  • Polish work on header layout changes to support split editors
    • Need to do final testing. Please try it out by setting localStorage.enableSplitEditor="true"
  • Working on new dark editor theme: ceol
    • John to review draft blog post on it
  • Finishing the last few translation bugs
  • Working on making it easier to consume the embedded Orion editor
    • Today it is easy to consume the minimal editor, or entire Orion stack, but nothing in the middle
    • Be able to customize what specific language tooling is packaged with the editor
  • Enabled Tern support in master:
    • Variable renaming
    • Open declaration
    • Tern-based hovers
    • Multi-file support still hidden behind a feature toggle
  • Experimenting with making users more aware of language tool features
    • Validating experiments by looking at user metrics

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