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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150421


  • John, Anton, Anthony, Grant, Libing, Steve, Eric, Mike, Rennie


  • We had some discussion of our handling Git conflicts
    • Smart people are still confused by it, can we do better?
    • Allow you to merge changes immediately in compare editor
    • Minimally need to document how to use it
  • Fixed translation bugs in Git page
  • Some minor fixes in syntax styling
  • Working on reorganizing and styling the banner section of our pages
  • Investigating use of Source Code Pro font and tweaking editor line sizes
  • Making it easier to run our Maven build on different platforms
  • Code cleanup and styling in split editor support
  • Investigating git modification notifications in the editor page
  • Moved NLS support into JavaScript plugin, fixed some bugs in it
    • Using AST to exclude strings that are not string literals
  • Tern support:
    • Working on a tern settings page
    • Need to migrate our pre-built indexes to support Tern
    • Added parse delegator to allow our tools to be inserted into the parse process
    • Basic stub for "rename in file" added, hooking into Tern
    • Needs to hook into editor multi-selection
    • Investigating using shared workers so multiple editors using a single tern language model
      • Doesn't work in Internet Exploder, currently stubbed out

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