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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150417

(02:29:27 PM) brandond: Hello!
(02:29:31 PM) brandond: Should I do status
(02:30:38 PM) paulweb515: Hi brandond
(02:30:41 PM) paulweb515: sure, go ahead
(02:30:59 PM) brandond: ok so this week I changed up how I was reading usernames/emails.
(02:31:27 PM) brandond: you said last week that it would be passed through the request. so I spent some time digging around looking at the actual requests that the orion java server is using
(02:31:56 PM) brandond: and fixing up how I was reading, and passing it to some nodegit constructors
(02:32:38 PM) brandond: this coming week I will work on a success path through all the code we have written so far.
(02:32:57 PM) Albert [45c9bcdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(02:32:59 PM) brandond: atm we don't really have the git page doing anything, so I think it's about time to take a look at that
(02:33:07 PM) Albert: hi guys
(02:33:16 PM) paulweb515: Albert: howdy
(02:34:18 PM) Mei-Vern [6884046a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(02:34:22 PM) Mei-Vern: Hi
(02:34:22 PM) Arbalest: Welcome! If you have a question, just ask, or take a look at our FAQ - :) Try typing ~faq to see more FAQs! If you have errors or logs to show, see ~pastebin. If you have screenshots to share, see ~image. If you need to describe your problem, please provide some ~info about your setup. Don't ask to ask, just ask, and please be patient when waiting for a response. Lurk. Thank you and enjoy your stay.
(02:34:25 PM) paulweb515: hahaha
(02:34:36 PM) paulweb515: brandond: OK, that sounds good
(02:35:27 PM) paulweb515: Albert: ?
(02:35:46 PM) Albert: last week mei-vern and i started diff
(02:35:53 PM) Mei-Vern: Yeah
(02:35:56 PM) Mei-Vern: File content shows up now
(02:35:58 PM) Albert: so we can now see file changes i think
(02:36:05 PM) Mei-Vern: On the frontend
(02:36:30 PM) paulweb515: cool
(02:36:45 PM) Albert: i think we will be finishing up the diff routes this week and doing remote
(02:36:51 PM) Albert: has lef made any progress with clone?
(02:37:27 PM) paulweb515: I talked to him yesterday. He said that's what he was working on and it was his highest priority.
(02:37:53 PM) Albert: alright cool
(02:38:26 PM) paulweb515: I'll run another round of testing on the node stuff on Monday. I've finally figured out enough docker to orion+nodegit on my machine :-)
(02:38:59 PM) Albert: haha cool
(02:39:01 PM) Mei-Vern: Sounds good
(02:39:02 PM) Mei-Vern: Is that it?
(02:39:19 PM) Albert: BTW you're one of the few mentors that has been responsive at our school, so thanks a lot for that haha
(02:39:36 PM) paulweb515: (I had library incompatibilities on my linux kernel)
(02:39:57 PM) paulweb515: OK, that's it. I'll post feedback on the bug on Monday (barring any other work emergencies :-)
(02:40:15 PM) Albert: kk thanks
(02:40:16 PM) Mei-Vern: Great, sounds good
(02:40:18 PM) Mei-Vern: Thanks

Status from Richard

The past week, I implemented a recursive search for file search functionality. It correctly outputs the list of file names that match the search term. I just need to massage the output and send it to client as a server response. I'll post the updated code by tonight. Please take a look!

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