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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150414


John, Anton, Umar, Anthony, Grant, Libing, Eric, Steve, Silenio, Mike, Curtis


  • pushed Tern support to master: worker / handlers / lib / content assist
    • Its is disabled until some cleanup is finished and we collect some metrics on the stability of the worker
  • Add quick fix for unexternalized strings
  • Finishing up split editor support, merged into master dark launch
    • Need more UX polish
  • Using flex boxes for editor split layout
  • Still need to instrument split editor for metrics to gather user feedback before we can launch it
  • Added more options to editor status page
  • Pushed markdown styling changes
  • Investigating changing default font in editor and enabling user to change fonts
  • Finished cleanup and testing of new landing page
  • Logging metrics stack traces for uncaught client side exceptions
  • Cleaning up client side search code - tech debt from move to crawler from Lucene search

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