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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150410

(02:29:16 PM) brandond: Ok so last week I was working on commit, but that component requires a user to be the commiter
(02:30:17 PM) brandond: so initially I just used a fake name/email address. this week I fixed up that implementation, added querying the config for the correct commiter info, and used that info in the code.
(02:30:21 PM) paulweb515: brandond: right. We expect and to be set in the config of the git repo itself
(02:30:43 PM) brandond: that's something I will look at
(02:30:45 PM) paulweb515: Or the user to supply it in the commit area
(02:31:14 PM) brandond: yeah, there's no support for anything other than global options, but I should go back and do the edge cases
(02:31:16 PM) Albert [45c9bcdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(02:31:23 PM) brandond: prefer repo settings over global
(02:31:49 PM) brandond: so this coming week that's probably what I'll work on.
(02:31:57 PM) Mei-Vern [a027d0d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(02:32:23 PM) paulweb515: brandond: OK. In orion, there's no such thing as global settings, at least in the java server due to the fact that one server supports multiple users
(02:32:34 PM) paulweb515: brandond: I guess it's not quite the same for the nodejs server
(02:33:22 PM) brandond: I was talking about the git config global settings
(02:33:29 PM) brandond: like
(02:33:33 PM) brandond: git config --global
(02:33:46 PM) paulweb515: brandond: OK
(02:34:45 PM) paulweb515: brandond: maybe I misunderstood. We expect the user name and email to be populated in the commit area, so that when the client tries to commit, that information is part of the commit request
(02:35:06 PM) paulweb515: brandond: That works, right? Just filling in those fields?
(02:35:19 PM) brandond: oh ok, I didn't see that in the spec
(02:35:34 PM) brandond: but yeah, you are totally right
(02:35:44 PM) brandond: I'm looking at it right now
(02:36:12 PM) paulweb515: brandond: I think in our java server, our client can use the repo's and to pre-populate those fields
(02:36:28 PM) brandond: ok, I just need to find where to access that info
(02:36:48 PM) paulweb515: OK
(02:36:53 PM) brandond: the wiki says only message in json
(02:37:38 PM) paulweb515: brandond: for the request to the server to do the commit?
(02:37:57 PM) brandond: yeah
(02:38:02 PM) brandond:
(02:39:33 PM) paulweb515: brandond: you might have to run against the java server to find out how the committer email and author email are set on a per-commit basis
(02:39:54 PM) brandond: ok sounds good
(02:41:57 PM) Albert: hey guys
(02:43:20 PM) Albert: this week mei-vern and i got status to work again
(02:43:32 PM) Albert: and we removed finder but had to add async...
(02:43:52 PM) Albert: nodegit requires node 0.10.36
(02:44:03 PM) Albert: so everyone should update their node version
(02:44:20 PM) Albert: i bumped the pty dependency version
(02:44:28 PM) Albert: so that it would build on osx with the new node version
(02:44:48 PM) Albert: fixed a bug in getting list of repos
(02:45:08 PM) Albert: and we added getFileContents for a commit hash
(02:45:19 PM) Albert: i think we will be working on diff this week
(02:45:38 PM) Mei-Vern: Lol took us so long to find the bug
(02:45:46 PM) Mei-Vern: Also can people update what they're doing on the google doc?
(02:45:57 PM) Mei-Vern: We're trying ot get stuff done but we're finding random code sometimes for stuff people haven't done
(02:46:03 PM) Mei-Vern: *or haven't claimed
(02:46:22 PM) brandond: I think I updated it for my stuff but I can check again
(02:46:36 PM) Albert: has lef gotten anywhere with clone?
(02:47:42 PM) paulweb515: I thought I saw something from him yesterday. Just a sec
(02:48:17 PM) paulweb515: From Lef: My current status is that I've added the git stash feature I needed in nodegit and it is now part of the upstream branch. I am now back on working on Orion and git clone and git stash specifically.
(02:48:29 PM) paulweb515: Albert: so he's supposedly looking at it right now
(02:48:41 PM) Mei-Vern: Albert told him that wa stop priority
(02:48:44 PM) Mei-Vern: I think for the test run
(02:48:54 PM) Mei-Vern: *scenario
(02:49:10 PM) brandond: Mei-Vern: You should check the sheet 1 as well because I kinda did work on commit thinking I had claimed it
(02:49:21 PM) brandond: by putting myself on that list
(02:50:26 PM) Mei-Vern: Yeah no that's cool
(02:50:36 PM) Mei-Vern: But did you want /all/ of commit?
(02:51:01 PM) Mei-Vern: If you do just mark your name down next to every route
(02:51:07 PM) Mei-Vern: Or else we'll just do ones that are free lol
(02:51:08 PM) brandond: I was just doing them in alphabetical order
(02:51:17 PM) brandond: took the next one that was open
(02:51:26 PM) Mei-Vern: Which is fine
(02:51:33 PM) Mei-Vern: Just mark it down next to the speicifc ones that are done
(02:51:37 PM) brandond: k
(02:51:41 PM) Mei-Vern: This is like one of the more important ones so we wanted to get it done
(02:51:50 PM) Mei-Vern: You can take it all if you want lol we just weren't surew ith the open spaces
(02:52:02 PM) brandond: you can take it
(02:52:09 PM) brandond: the only function I wrote was that postcommit
(02:52:21 PM) paulweb515: brandond: when a commit request goes to the server, It can have items in it like "AuthorEmail" and "CommitterEmail" as well as "Message"
(02:53:19 PM) brandond: ok
(02:54:57 PM) paulweb515: Any other status?
(02:57:32 PM) Albert: we're good
(02:59:39 PM) Mei-Vern: Yep

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