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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150407


John, Grant, Mark, Eric, Simon, Steve, Bogdan, Silenio, Anthony, Libing, Anton, Mike, Curtis


  • Welcome to the team: Steve Northover
  • Docker investigation
    • Evaluating persistent storage mechanisms
    • Experimenting with running Orion server in docker containers
  • Fixing bugs in Gerrit repository browser plugin - links from markdown files to folders don't work
  • Working on ability to filter problems view on file name pattern like the "find file" dialog
  • Refactoring Orion editor to support split editors on a page
  • Improvements to Orion landing page to handle standalone local servers
  • Editor styling page improvements
    • Customized HTML attribute styling
    • Ability to style string constants
    • Separate styling of language specific variables
    • Custom numeric constant styling
    • Ability to filter the styling pane to only show options for a given language
  • Added a JavaScript quick fix - convert non-error to error object
  • Mocking up design changes to Orion top navigation banner, bread crumbs
  • Trying different layouts for split editors
  • Updating third party libraries - eslint, escope, to enable ES6 support
  • Integrating Tern with Orion file client

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