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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150403

Albert and Mei-Vern

  • Using NodeGit to get branch data instead of reading the refs files directly. We added the GET, POST, and DELETE routes as well
  • We finally started getting commit information, so now we can get the commit log.
  • We noticed that the NodeGit API changed and it seems like status is broken. We'll try to fix that this week.


I did commit for the most part, but I need config to get user info. This means that I need to refactor albert/mv's code to use it across orion. That's what I'll do this week, as well as integrate that into commit.


For the past week, I implemented a basic form of search that uses the regular expression I generated from the search options and produces a list of filenames that have data matching the expression. Since the workspace has both files and folders, I need to come up with a recursive approach for searching in folders. For this week, I plan to find an easy way to determine if an object is a file or a folder and implement a recursive search.


Working on git clone.

Thea and Eric

  • Some problems with the plugin, it's reporting a plugin timeout instead of working correctly. error:

Plugin handshake timeout,and couldn't find require.js

  • Need to decide on the API: How can I query the snapshots available? How can I query the content for a specific snapshot?

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