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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150317


  • Anthony
  • Anton
  • Eric
  • Grant
  • John
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • McQ
  • Mike
  • Paul
  • Silenio
  • Umar


EclipseCon happened March 9-12


  • John: summary of EclipseCon.
  • Anthony: fixed incorrect buildstamps on about/about.html page. Worked on reducing number of HTTP calls when workspace root is loaded in the navigator.
  • Mike: got Tern working in web worker for content assist, with multi-file inferencing. 🎉🎈
  • Silenio: made setup.js easier to reuse. Added support for restoring editor scroll position + selection per file.
  • Anton: no open source work
  • Eric: tooltip work, investigating refactoring needed for editor-in-editor support.
  • Mark: fix some packaging issues in standalone editor, updated example code.
  • Umar: fixes/updates to editor theme settings page.
  • Grant: fixed whitespace styling for unknown file types, styling of sanitized HTML in Markdown editor, reviewing Umar's fixes. Making metrics plugin more generic (i.e. not forcing Google Analytics).
  • Libing: updated i18n wiki page for 8.0+
  • McQ: why have we broken NLS API compatibility?
  • Paul: helping students with contributions to Node and Java servers.

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