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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150313

Paul Webster

Status meeting on IRC?

2:37pm Rich Song

it says it can't find the hostname

2:38pm Paul Webster ? If not, we could do our status here.

2:38pm Rich Song


2:39pm Rich Song

For the past week, I made sure that the SearchOptions class was returning the correct results as the Java implementation for various searches and tried to write some tests for it. I also tried to implement the FileGrepper logic but I noticed that the Java implementation sets each project inside the workspace as a scope and makes the search inside it, and the Node.js implementation doesn’t have a way to grab a list of projects for the workspace. I'm planning to just consider the entire workspace as a scope and make the search inside it.

Brandon Dalesandro

Its finals for me this week. I havet really gotten much done besodes that git index thing i brought up last week. Ill grt started on another l Task this weekend.

2:40pm Paul Webster

Thanks Richard. I'm working my way through Open Academy questions, so I'll get to the rest of yours this afternoon.

Brandon, that's OK others had midterms this week as well.

2:41pm Rich Song

same, i had a lot of work to do in other classes as well

but sounds great, thank you

2:43pm Paul Webster

For me, I had a lot more work related emergencies this week than I would like. I've provided some feedback to the nodegit team, and now I'm going to look at your stuff Richard, and the team from China (local file history)

Richard, is your github repo up to date with your changes?

2:44pm Rich Song


2:45pm Paul Webster

OK, great. Unless you have anything else I think that's it.

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