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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150306

(02:41:05 PM) paulweb515: I'll have to get status from Brandon and Richard later
(02:41:16 PM) paulweb515: OK, let's start with a round of status
(02:42:16 PM) Mei-Vern: so uh
(02:42:26 PM) Mei-Vern: we did config for POST
(02:42:28 PM) Mei-Vern: and got it to work
(02:42:35 PM) Mei-Vern: Which switches the config settings for the user
(02:42:41 PM) Albert: actually it doesn't lol
(02:42:45 PM) Mei-Vern: what
(02:42:47 PM) Albert: it almost works but we got stuck on something
(02:42:49 PM) Mei-Vern: I thought we jsut wrote it wrongly
(02:42:59 PM) Albert: it breaks the config file right now
(02:43:03 PM) Mei-Vern: Like if we get formatting correct
(02:43:11 PM) paulweb515: I have a thought on that
(02:43:11 PM) Albert: yeah if we format it correctly
(02:43:22 PM) paulweb515: I see you guys grabbed ini to look at the config file
(02:43:35 PM) Mei-Vern: Mhm
(02:44:26 PM) paulweb515: While that's a good workaround for getting the config information, shouldn't you just use the Config#setString or Config#setMultivar ?
(02:44:59 PM) Albert: i thought that nodegit hadn't implemented that
(02:45:03 PM) Albert: we can look into doing that
(02:45:11 PM) Mei-Vern: Lol we ran into a lot of problems because nodegit isn't completely functional yet
(02:45:23 PM) paulweb515: yeah, although I like that their community is active
(02:45:41 PM) Albert: btw i just addressed your bugzilla comment. i think someone accidentaly changed the package.json file.
(02:45:46 PM) paulweb515: Albert: you can't read the Config yet with nodegit, but they have a Config object in their API that allows writes
(02:46:25 PM) Mei-Vern: We can check that out
(02:46:26 PM) paulweb515: I thought Mei-Vern mentioned that you were working from a dev copy?
(02:46:32 PM) Albert: ah okay will try that out this week, cause ini was messing it up
(02:46:49 PM) paulweb515: Albert: if ini will read it, though, that's an acceptable workaround for getting the config
(02:47:20 PM) Albert: yeah we were. we changed package.json so that it would clone directly from their repo but i think a merge happened incorrectly and the change got reverted
(02:47:30 PM) Mei-Vern: Lol git
(02:47:39 PM) Mei-Vern: I had a question about branch
(02:47:46 PM) paulweb515: sure
(02:47:47 PM) Mei-Vern: I was working on the GET and hardcoded stuff / found workarounds
(02:47:54 PM) Mei-Vern: And it's kinda hacky... if you get a chance to look at it,
(02:48:03 PM) Mei-Vern: could you let me know
(02:48:16 PM) Mei-Vern: If there's anything I can do / advice lol
(02:49:04 PM) paulweb515: for my status, one of my primary tasks at work has almost finished, so I'll focus on you guys for the next week or so (split with my Platform UI stuff)
(02:49:54 PM) paulweb515: Mei-Vern: so I'll hopefully review that on Monday
(02:50:06 PM) Mei-Vern: Okay thanks
(02:51:02 PM) paulweb515: Any other status?
(02:51:34 PM) Albert: we have midterms this week so i don't know if we will have much time to work on orion...
(02:51:41 PM) paulweb515: understood
(02:51:51 PM) Albert: but spring break is the week after so we can make it up
(02:52:47 PM) paulweb515: OK?
(02:52:53 PM) Albert: i think that;s all from us
(02:53:10 PM) paulweb515: OK, thanks folks, and good luck with your midterms next week

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