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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150305

(01:31:15 PM) Lef: Hi Paul
(01:33:36 PM) paulweb515: hi Lef
(01:35:04 PM) Lef: This week I'm working on git stash, specificially getting the list of stashes.
(01:35:38 PM) Lef: It's not in the API and it's not part of nodegit but it works in the java server, so I thought we should implement it.
(01:38:40 PM) Lef: Also, how's the code review going to work? Are you pulling our branch and going over the changes or through gerrit?
(01:45:57 PM) paulweb515: Lef: yes, I'll be pulling your changes on your branch
(01:46:08 PM) paulweb515: Lef: I haven't decided on a feedback mechanism yet
(01:46:14 PM) paulweb515: Lef: I wasn't going to use Gerrit
(01:47:23 PM) paulweb515: Lef: I can either upload reviews of the changes onto the bug, or I can open PRs on Albert's repo and have everybody fix them there
(01:48:06 PM) paulweb515: Lef: this isn't a true hard review, I just 1) should probably be aware of what everybody's doing :-) and 2) should look for any problemmatic patterns now instead of at the end
(01:49:02 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Sounds good!
(01:49:51 PM) paulweb515: Lef: if it's not in the general nodegit API, are you looking at accessing some of the RAW API to get the staches?
(01:49:58 PM) paulweb515: uh, stashes?
(01:53:34 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Yup, that's what I'm doing
(01:53:37 PM) paulweb515: OK
(01:53:52 PM) paulweb515: Lef: I don't have anything else ATM, do you?
(01:54:28 PM) Lef: paulweb515: No that's all for now.
(01:54:37 PM) paulweb515: OK, thanks Lef

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