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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150220

(02:47:12 PM) paulweb515: Hi folks
(02:47:23 PM) paulweb515: sorry I'm running late
(02:47:32 PM) paulweb515: richard said he would send me status later
(02:47:37 PM) Albert_: hey
(02:47:46 PM) br: cool we just did status in google hangouts lol
(02:47:59 PM) br: I can go first
(02:48:05 PM) paulweb515: sure
(02:48:38 PM) br: This week I did git init, and started git add. I'm still struggling with tooling to test this stuff, but I'm making progress and have gotten a lot better at it.
(02:48:50 PM) br: You can now stage/unstage files.
(02:49:10 PM) paulweb515: good
(02:49:10 PM) br: I also made a worklog so we could see who is working on what before we start it.
(02:49:26 PM) br: So we can be crystal clear on who is doing what when
(02:49:50 PM) br: That's all for me!
(02:50:01 PM) Mei-Vern: cool
(02:50:07 PM) Mei-Vern: so we just chose tasks on the google doc
(02:50:09 PM) Mei-Vern: and we're working on them
(02:50:20 PM) paulweb515: good
(02:50:32 PM) Mei-Vern: we finished tags this wek
(02:50:34 PM) Mei-Vern: *week
(02:50:42 PM) Mei-Vern: and we're meeting in an hour today to do more
(02:50:48 PM) Mei-Vern: (albert and I)
(02:50:52 PM) Albert_: we started working on checkout
(02:50:59 PM) Albert_: but we got a little stuck
(02:51:06 PM) Albert_: so we did some research on how git works
(02:51:10 PM) Albert_: and i think we can finish it today
(02:51:36 PM) paulweb515: OK
(02:52:51 PM) paulweb515: Anything else?
(02:53:08 PM) Albert_: we'll probably add some tests this week as well
(02:53:23 PM) Mei-Vern: I think that's it for us
(02:53:29 PM) paulweb515: OK
(02:53:40 PM) paulweb515: Thanks for the status
(02:53:49 PM) Mei-Vern: All good
(02:53:51 PM) Mei-Vern: Stay warm!
(02:54:01 PM) paulweb515: Early next week, I'll pull your changes
(02:54:09 PM) paulweb515: I can give them a quick review
(02:54:27 PM) Mei-Vern: (y)
(02:54:28 PM) Mei-Vern: cool
(02:54:44 PM) paulweb515: Does the bug have the list of functionality that's implemented so far, or should I look at br's google document
(02:55:02 PM) Mei-Vern: Uhh
(02:55:07 PM) Albert_: uh we can update the bug
(02:55:17 PM) Mei-Vern: We'll get it to you by today hopefully
(02:55:24 PM) paulweb515: OK, as long as I have an idea by early next week (Tuesday maybe?)
(02:55:29 PM) Mei-Vern: cool
(02:56:03 PM) paulweb515: OK, that's it from me
(02:56:10 PM) Mei-Vern: Ok

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