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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150213

(02:39:01 PM) paulweb515: First we can do a quick round of status
(02:39:04 PM) paulweb515: albert: ?
(02:39:22 PM) Mei-Vern: We basically worked together
(02:39:27 PM) albert: yeah
(02:39:35 PM) Mei-Vern: So we've been working on weekends because that's the only time we have lol
(02:39:37 PM) albert: we refactored the hackathon code so it was easier to work with
(02:39:44 PM) Mei-Vern: And we added routes
(02:39:49 PM) Mei-Vern: Most of which are up on bugzilla
(02:40:06 PM) Mei-Vern: We're waiting on the config/status stuff but we've done all we can for status for now
(02:40:16 PM) albert: i think we can do more for status this weekend
(02:40:21 PM) albert: since we got that reply on the bug
(02:40:23 PM) Mei-Vern: we also added index but that was just an easy redirect to another js file
(02:40:46 PM) Mei-Vern: er that's all I can think of
(02:40:50 PM) paulweb515: OK
(02:40:56 PM) paulweb515: brandond: status?
(02:41:42 PM) brandond: This week I've been focusing on learning about the tools that come along with this project. I've been using a chrome add-on simple REST to test this stuff.
(02:41:57 PM) brandond: It's tough becuase if you don't get the headers super correct
(02:42:00 PM) brandond: it doesn't route there
(02:42:19 PM) brandond: In terms of code, I wrote postClone which clones a remote repo
(02:42:51 PM) brandond: and then added in another option to init using a post request to the same URL with different JSON data
(02:43:14 PM) brandond: it's roughly tested, but I need to get over this hump with the REST client to fully test it.
(02:43:38 PM) brandond: and that's me!
(02:44:08 PM) Mei-Vern: We haven't run the tests on our end for a while
(02:44:25 PM) albert: yeah i guess we could write some tests this weekend
(02:44:30 PM) albert: we should*
(02:44:36 PM) Mei-Vern: I think Lef was talking about adding 2 lines of code (?) to rm the temp test files that came along w/ running the js tests
(02:45:08 PM) paulweb515: Lef's current status is in the Feb 12th minutes:
(02:45:40 PM) paulweb515: OK, that's it for status.
(02:46:00 PM) paulweb515: Anything else anybody would like to bring up before we call the meeting?
(02:46:08 PM) Mei-Vern: Nope
(02:46:14 PM) Mei-Vern: Is there anything in partiuclar you want us to work on?
(02:46:17 PM) Mei-Vern: Besides adding routes
(02:46:22 PM) Mei-Vern: and testing
(02:47:36 PM) brandond left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(02:48:00 PM) paulweb515: It'll help everybody going forward if you can codify some of the functionality that you are building in tests, so that captures some valid request/responses
(02:48:22 PM) paulweb515: Other than that, keep going forward :-)

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