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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150127


John, Bogdan, Silenio, Umar, Grant, Eric, Szymon, Mike, Herman, Anthony, Mark, Anton, Paul, McQ


  • Retooled our parsers for CSS and HTML
    • Now properly returns a useful token stream
    • Image hovers, font hovers, color hovers in CSS
  • When you go to a project, make it go to last open file by default
  • Refining support for dark themes on Orion pages, work on splitter to make it fit the styles
  • Better handling of progress updates and spinner in new "run bar"
  • Converting deploy dialog into a launch configuration edit dialog, deploy will now be separate from edit config
  • Investigating a bug where run bar disappears when edit page is refreshed
  • Consolidated many language styler plugins into a single plugin to save page load time
  • Entering bugs based on analytics data on client side runtime exceptions
  • Working on making Git status messages friendlier, but without breaking Gerrit workflows
  • Finished off some last defects with server side grep search
    • Client side cleanup work for server side grep search
    • Need to switch regex and case sensitive search to server side search
  • Exploring use of LESS for styling orion landing page

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