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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150113


  • Elijah
  • McQ
  • Anton
  • Paul
  • Eric
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Umar
  • Anthony
  • John


  • We have lots of new names/faces in the Orion world, please make them feel welcome and help answer their questions
    • 12 FaceBook Open Academy students
    • 2 other new contributors from IBM
  • Cleaning up git messages
    • Make them understandable by novice user
    • More prescriptive responses that explain what to do
  • Working on landing and login page
  • Polishing presentation of tooltips and hovers
  • Cleaning up server side grep search to get ready for stable release
    • Throttling multiple searches by a single user to avoid DoS
    • Once released we can tweak the client UI presentation
    • Still need to support user cancelation
  • Fixed major caching bug in compare widget (Internet Exploder only)
  • Adding support for download link in repository browser widget
  • Bug fixes in editor and preferences code
  • Capturing and logging client side runtime exceptions with google analytics
    • Starting to enter bug reports for biggest sources of errors
  • Working on polishing new run bar feature

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