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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141216


Anton [1], Anthony, Libing, Elijah, Eric, Insoo, Aidan, Mark [2], Grant, Curtis, Mike, Szymon [3], Silenio, McQ [4], Bogdan


  • Anthony - enabled grep search on
  • Elijah - working on cf run bar for orion
  • Silenio - fixing bugs found in editor multiselect
  • Libing - improving page load performance for nls support
  • Aidan - working on landing page
  • Mark - tweaks to tests to keep them from timing out (add parameter to allow exclusion of tests in the nightly build)
  • Insoo - working on theme editor improvements
  • Eric - tooltip dismissal work
  • Grant - logging uncaught exception on metrics, syntax styling for jsp files
  • Simon - i18n work for page load performance, start/stop launch config work for cf apps
  • Bogdan - internal work
  • John - workspace load improvement (twice as fast) removed serialization across users
  • Curtis - tooltips on content assist, added some css quickfixes + test framework
  • Mike - adding es lint rules; merged es lint tests
  • Paul - internal work, started looking at some orion ui bugs
  • Anton - working on the orion landing page

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