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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141209


Bogdan, Anton [1], Anthony, Libing, Eric, Insoo, Aidan, Mark [2], Grant, Curtis, Mike, Szymon [3], Maciej, McQ [4]


  • Mike - adding support for doc URLs and deprecation state to type index files. Will eventually show these in hover,
  • Curtis - look & feel of Quick Fixes. Adding quick fixes for CSS. Finding a CSS parser.
  • Szymon - some changes related to cf-launcher: use CORS. Changes to back-end CF code related to new deployment "RunBar" UI.
  • Maciej - Changes related to deploying CF application with manifest in subfolder.
  • Silenio - Merged multiple selection and block selection to master. Add selection range: ctrl+click (cmd+click on Mac), block selection: alt+click. Editor selections are emulated expect for the primary selection range. Primary selection is styled differently from the native selection to match the emulated selection ranges.
  • Anthony - new vservers for and OrionHub. Investigating performance of workspace file change monitor.
  • Anton - assorted UI work: landing page, themes, etc.
  • Elijah - working on new RunBar design/impl. It will replace the current CF deploy UI.
  • Eric - finishing hover/tooltip UI.
  • Aidan - work on new Orion landing page.
  • Grant - metrics work: improved accuracy of page load timing measurements using HTML5 performance API. Instrumenting server side for metrics.
  • Insoo - working on theme editor, custom color picker, 2 brand new themes.
  • Libing - finished stand-alone Git widget. Improving Orion i18n implementation (better performance).
  • Paul - secret internal work
  • Mark - committed Plugin loading event (helps reduce timeouts when loading a large plugin), added CORS to cf-launcher
  • Bogdan - secret internal work

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