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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141125


John [1], Bogdan, Anton [2], Anthony, Libing, Eric, Insoo, Aidan, Simon [3], Mark [4] , Grant, Curtis, Mike, Szymon [5]


  • Adding support for seeing commit details in repository browser widget
  • Working on Orion dark page theme, in particular the theme implications for Git page
  • Work in progress on file change event support in Orion Java server
  • New server API to return flat list of all files in a workspace
  • Adding support to dynamically load natural language bundles based on browser language, to avoid cost of loading all bundles for all users on all pages
  • Adding support for second pane in content assist which shows documentation on currently selected proposal
  • Adding various Quick Fixes for JavaScript
    • Need to add support for making multiple concurrent edits out of a quick fix
    • This may be pushed into the core editor as part of multi-cursor support
  • Investigating use of delegated UI or UI plugins in editor hovers
  • Work in progress on multi-cursor / multiple selections in the editor
  • Work in progress continues on server side grep search implementation
  • Continuing design and implementation work for new Orion landing page
    • Basic navigation working, but multiple edits not yet working
  • Work on cf debug launcher
  • Adding support for plugins/delegated uis to submit forms
  • added client side tracking for associating user with events being sent (currently using login id)
  • Adding lifecycle commands for cf launcher

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