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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141118


Mike, Curtis, Anthony, Paul, Grant, Mark, Libing, Eric, Elijah, Bogdan, Silenio


  • Mike: working on multi-file support for type inferencing. Suppot for hovering over define/require/importScripts support. Working on quick fixes for low hanging JS errors.
  • Curtis: work on rich hover support: HTML/iframes/etc. Experimenting with running Flux on Cloud Foundry PaaS.
  • Anthony: added filesystem notification API to Orion server. Stable build on the way.
  • Paul: exploring how to host a persistent filesystem on Cloud Foundry using SSHFS and cf services
  • Grant: added metrics to login page (can now get info about referrals, etc). Added metrics to track page load timings, and preference changes. Looking at custom presentation of Analytics results.
  • Mark: fixed JS unit test failures not showing up in build results. Adding basic auth to cf-launcher.
  • Libing: working on language pack issues.
  • Eric: added keybinding to show the hover tooltip without using the mouse (in Gerrit review now).
  • Elijah: replacing the CF "Deploy" button with a new run bar showing Launch Configurations.
  • Bogdan/Silenio: working on removing the extra hop/refresh when landing on the edit page inside an Orion project (i.e. a folder with a project.json). More intuitive handling of empty commits on Git repo page. Moved theme settings to preferences, not localStorage. Working with Insoo to show theme preview against a real editor, rather than a fake rendered UI.
  • Silenio: working on multiple selection. Changed the build to optimize all editor stylers, not just a subset. Released Insoo's work showing Git diff annotations as you edit.

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