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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141111


Aidan, Anthony, Bogdan, Elijah, Eric, Grant, John, Libing, Mark, McQ, Paul, Silenio, Simon


New version of Orion Node server (7.0 release)


  • Paul: bug fixes on server
  • Elijah: internal work
  • Grant: focus on logging to timing implementation (page loads, styling times)
  • Eric: working on keyboard bindings for hover tooltips in editor
  • Libing: new Problems View pushed to master
  • Mark: released status pop-up messages using markdown syntax. Bug fixes in CF debug option. Released news version of Orion Node server
  • Anthony: upgraded server with the latest version of metadata
  • Bogdan: add git preference for selecting all working dir changes by default.
  • Silenio: fixed some layout issues on git page, investigated use of flexboxes for layouts, fixed some NLS issues with editor themes, adapting hover and quickfix for standalone editor.
  • Aidan: working on grep search, filename cache.
  • Simon: performance profiling of Orion pages

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