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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141104


Aidan, Anthony, Anton, Bogdan, Curtis, Elijah, Eric, Grant, Insoo, John, Libing, Mark, McQ, Paul, Silenio, Simon


  • Orion 7.0 release last week
  • master branches are open for 8.0 development.


  • Curtis: bug fixes, working on rich hover support
  • Mike: working on file-to-file navigation
  • John: was at EclipseCon Europe. Will tag Orion 7.0 release.
  • Elijah: bug fixes, add functions to littlelib
  • Libing: adding view mode to Problems view (group by file/group by severity)
  • Paul: investigate hosting the Orion server filesystem in a Cloud Foundry fabric using FUSE. Working on getting students from Open Academy program next year.
  • Simon: only internal work
  • Aidan: made a cool globe for showing realtime Orion data. Then doing filename search (ala Unix find)
  • Insoo: added theme importer for Brackets and Sublime Text themes.
  • Eric: designing data structures for attaching quick fixes to editor annotations (i.e. errors, warnings). Use UI plugins to implement delegated UIs.
  • Grant: metrics now enabled for and Investigating server metrics now.
  • Silenio: fixed longstanding editor bugs.
  • Bogdan: fixed Git server tests. Git stash now saves untracked files. Sizing up support for Git submodules.
  • Anthony: removed Credential and Profile services from server: all user auth now using Orion metadata store. Still intermittent problem with server tests.
  • Anton: finishing design for editor "dark theme". Working on responsive layouts for editor and Git. Evangelized at GTEC conference, will attend more.
  • Mark: Bug fixes: fixed broken JS tooling under IE, fixed NLS support for 3rd party plugins. Released WebDAV support in cf-launcher.

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