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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140930

  • Michael - Working with Eric on Hover framework. JS impl for it. Close to committing. Some parser bugs as well. Function declaration added as well.
  • Curtis - Resizing for content assist. Mark occurrences bugs. Content type over querying for nav bar.
  • Eric - Working on tooltip stuff. Next working on CSS files and see if I can do auto correct for them. Quickfixes for CSS errors.
  • Libing - Compare widget editor. Code review showed some good suggestions.
  • Paul - Mostly focused on High Availability Orion server
  • Bogdan - Git cleanup, added support for relative date filtering, soft reset. Browser dialogs have gone away. Filtered commit commands based on what you can do with a commit.
  • Anthony - User account getting corrupted by a User preference. Cleaning up authentication/authorization issue.
  • Silenio - Working on zoom ruler. Single line editor work as well.
  • Aiden - Zip bugs. New landing page framework going.
  • Ken - Working on theming to go with the new zoom ruler.
  • Elijah - Settings page redesign ongoing
  • Grant - Markdown editor has warnings now. Some fixing in the editor. Working on adding references so in-file links work. Also on styling granularity.
  • Anton - Cover page into design repo. Will follow up on the branding questions. Helping Insoo with template explorer. Some icons into the font. Looking at Orion layout again and working on a dark version. Starting to analyze merge tools as well.
  • Insoo - Styling the template explorer view. Working on slide in/out of view other than making it an overview.
  • Mark - Merged in the Flux patches. CF Debug now has a Shell.
  • Szymon - Mostly internal CF support.
  • Gosia - Improving interactive CF deploy in terms of Warnings/errors
  • Maciek - Error reporting in Manifest editor improvements. Deployment of WAR file fixes.
  • Simon - Travelling to TC39 meetings last week. Looking at language tooling as well.

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