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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140923


  • Maciej, Master of Science
  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Ken
  • John
  • Insoo
  • Eric
  • Grant
  • Anton
  • Mark
  • Paul
  • Bogdan
  • Elijah
  • Anthony
  • Libing
  • Silenio


  • Manifest editor improvements
    • Turn off warnings for missing properties
    • Warnings for incorrect manifest values now have correct line information
  • Fixed manifest updating launch configurations after a deploy
  • Reacting to project name changes and deletions based on MQTT events
  • Added ability to select Cloud Foundry instance during deploy
  • Using loggregator for parsing Cloud Foundry logs
    • This depends on Java 7
  • Working on Ctrl+Alt+O - improving template explorer contribution
  • Improving smarter indentation for template insertion
  • Working on hover help for JavaScript (F2)
    • Converting jsdoc to markdown so it can be nicely formatted
  • Finished off help work
    • Getting story in place for plugin contributions to help
  • Bug fixing on markdown editor
  • Concept work for new page layout
  • Design work for cover/landing page
  • Updated version of require.js used in our build
  • Fixed bug in validation service API that put problem markers in the wrong place
  • Added setting for smart semi-colon insertion
  • Merged a large set of changes/cleanup on externalized message catalogs
  • Reviewing Flux live edit support patch
  • Fixed some bugs in compare widget on Git page
    • Ability to maximimze compare editor in place
    • Considering allowing left hand side of compare to be edited
  • Added more unit tests for ignore whitespace support in compare
  • Prototyping problems view - list all problems for a given folder
  • WAR files:
    • Documentating how to build a war file
    • Getting maven build to produce an Orion WAR file
  • Git page improvements:
    • Using proportional splitter in Git compare
    • Remember last repository used
    • Added date filtering, including relative dates
    • Support for stashing untracked files
    • Added warning on empty commits
  • Some discussion of workflow of filtering history by file path, but then seeing all
  • Documentation of Git workflows for help system
  • Silenio spooling up editor hacking skillz for new feature work
  • Improve settings page category unification
  • Streamlining Orion auth code, removing some legacy cruft and using metastore directly
  • Cleaning up JUnit tests
    • Hoping move to Jetty9 will fix some issues
  • Looking at doing a video of cool new features in Orion 7

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