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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140909


Eric, Libing, Bogdan, Insil, Grant, Anton, Elijah, Aidan, John, Mark, Anthony, Simon, Paul


  • Fixing translation bugs
  • Fixing builds, all back to good shape
  • Rewrite of Orion sashes has been released
  • Working on a plugin for hover help in editor
  • Saving vertical/horizontal state in local settings storage
  • Added support to ignore whitespace in client side compare widget
    • Converting tests to Mocha style
  • Fixing the last Git bugs
    • Filters history by SHA
    • Performance improvements
    • Some icons need to get in place
    • Make sure search crawler does something reasonable
  • Going through message modules to reduce key sizes and remove unused keys
  • Finalizing new help system and getting it released and working on
  • Syntax highlighting for Swift language
  • Refining appearance of git
  • Reorganizing Orion icon font to make room for more icons
  • Working on new landing page for Orion
    • Relationship between landing page, login page, and the information content
  • Released new look and feel for settings page
    • Improving user experience of various fields in settings page
    • Interaction of auto-save with setting changes
    • Improving editor settings, make it clear how to customize wrench menu
  • Pushed changes to Orion server to support live metadata migration
  • Fixing problems with google/github login on

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