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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140902

  • Szymon - Trying to figure out loggregator web sockets
  • Maciej - Extending deployment wizard. Gosia working on make a more formal wizard. Maciej is working on server side different types of deployment
  • Bogdan - Worked with Anton/Silenio on UI finishing touches on Git page
  • Silenio - Same as above
  • Grant - Help stuff is ready to be released, but where is it going to live on the server side
  • Anthony - Testing on meta-data live deployment
  • Anton - Styling Git page for both product and open source, working on documentation as well
  • Simon - Internal work on the server configurator (removing it). Each bundle responsible for registering.
  • Aidan - OAuth work continues
  • Elijah - Finished work to settings (auto-save), and all display a success message that is consistent. Will work on redesign settings page.
  • Eric - Still tweaking sash work, and updating docs. Will look at web components after.
  • Mark - Working on TVT bugs. Finish off the debug instrumentation work.
  • Ken - Catching up
  • Paul - Was away, focus on High Availability now

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