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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140729


Mike, Curtis, Maciej, Szymon, Gosia, Mark, John, Libing, Aidan, Anthony, Anton, Bogdan, Eric, Elijah, McQ


  • Updates to manual deploy dialog UI
  • If deleting .git folder then project is in bad state
  • Released proganda on planetorion
  • Branch with working OAuth (OpenID Connect) authentication
  • Working on changing login workflow to create an account if there isn't one
  • Improving image viewer
  • Improving error reporting in git repository browser
  • Updated Orion to use latest verison of cclint
  • Working on new content assist context - distinguish doc from jsdoc
    • content assist in jsdoc
  • Better presentation of plugin settings page
    • Indicate when plugin has an error loading
  • New cloud foundry and route management page (still hidden while in progress)
  • Finishing up Orion implementation of Git stash support
  • Addressing feedback on inline search pane

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