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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140724


Szymon, Gosia, Maciej, Eric, Silenio, Paul, Bogdan, Anton, Anthony, Aidan, Elijah, Libing, Grant, Mark, Simon

Important Notes

This Orion development call has been moved to Tuesdays at 10:00AM, EST starting July 29th.


  • Szymon/Gosia - adding new page (dark launch) for managing CF multiple applications and managing their routes. Soliciting feedback for improvements to Orion's warning/error notification.
  • Maciej - no open-source work this week
  • Mark - server side of debug launcher done, cleaning up CF deploy dialog. Will release w/dark launch.
  • Grant - markdown editor: implemented content assist, implemented "convert markdown to HTML", fixed bugs.
  • Libing - fixed timeouts in read-only widget. Looking at improvements to the Orion image viewer (show image resolution, etc).
  • Elijah - released new inline (in editor page) global search. Removed old search page. Fixing UX issues/bugs.
  • Aidan - got OAuth working with Google and Orion account creation.
  • Anthony - working on migrating metadata in-place (while server is running). Fixed build issues.
  • Anton - working with professional designers on Git workflow, also notification messages.
  • Bogdan - improved performance of Git pages. Started working on Git filesystem.
  • Paul - high availability work: got multiple Orion servers to point at same user content. Next up: file locking, shared search indexes across multiple processes.
  • Eric - looking at sash, cleaning up useless code/styles. Immersing self into the Orion Weltanschauung.
  • Silenio - Git stuff, reviewing new-file-template patch.
  • Simon - working on shared session storage: same lifecycle as sessionStorage, but replicated across tabs. Will be used for storing Git credentials, and incoming commits state. Icons, JSDoc, better search back-end (grep, find, not Lucene/Solr)

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