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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140717


John, Libing, Anton, Simon, Grant, Anthony, Mark, Elijah, Silenio, Bogdan, Aidan, Paul, Ken


Orion 7.0 release planning

  • No more milestones
  • Keep master stable
  • Possibly have a common "canary/beta" flag used by all work in progress

Orion 7.0 areas

  • JSDoc
    • Best practices
    • Leverage in code analysis
  • Tooling APIs
    • Multi-file code analysis
  • Help system
  • Search
    • Search client UX
    • Crawl performance
  • Cloud Foundry
    • Route management
    • "proxy splitter"
  • Git
    • Client UX
  • Gerrit
  • Login
    • Login page experience
    • Persistent sessions
  • i18n
    • Simpler client i18n support (not dynamic)
  • Flux


  • Simon: Cleaned up eslint warnings in codebase. Draining globalCommands swamp
  • Grant: add Go highlighting support. Markdown editor: added preview pane thumb, working on markdown -> html converter.
  • Anthony: debugging build-time JUnit test failures. Working on auto deploy to
  • Mark: added a throw-error linting rule, added log viewer to debuglauncher/proxy splitter
  • Elijah: wrapping up inline search (editor page) implementation.
  • Silenio: more Git UI work. Going to investigate server-side Git performance.
  • Bogdan: investigate Gerrit workflows
  • Aidan: working on OAuth to authenticate with Google/Twitter
  • Paul: working on Orion high availability (multiple server processes pointing at same filesystem)
  • Eric: working on sash (splitter) component, becoming a Developer Tools expert
  • Libing: fixed bug that broke embedded Markdown image in Chrome.
  • John: Releng work on builds: created stable_* branch and orion-*-stable build. OrionHub will be based on stable builds.
  • Anton: Mockups for new Git page workflow
  • Gosia: Improve CF support, created prototype page for managing CF routes.
  • Maciej: Manifest-less deploy of CF apps. Inferring runtime type (eg. Node.js)

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