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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140710

  • Anthony - working on getting auto-push on successful builds to
  • Anton - Doing some icon tweaks and humanize our GIT_MESSAGES and evolution of the Git design. Also working on login page
  • Elijah - Working on inline search page (on main editor page). Also incorporating feedback from the reviews. Lots of work there still
  • Libing - Fixing crawling search for all non-binary files. Was relying on registered types before
  • Grant - HAML (Ruby templating) and Objective-C (iOS) syntax highlighting released. Drafted the blog for the Markdown editor
  • Mark - Working on CF debug launcher. Debugging/fix encoding issues with non-ascii characters. (Simon are we on Esprima head?) No, not yet
  • Michael R - Posted about new ESLint on PlanetOrion. Have adopted almost the latest version as well. Content assist for JSDoc tags almost yet
  • Silenio - Git functionality in one page. Still work in progress. Trying to show things inline vs opening in a new page
  • Ken - Talk at OSCON coming up week after next. Preparing for that
  • Aiden - OAUTH 1 and 2 to move to G+ logins
  • Simon - Working on server partitioning of services in a non-OSGi server environment
  • Bogdan - Goto Silenio;
  • Eric - Just getting up to speed on Orion.

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