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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140703

Important events

Orion 6.0 released!

New attendees

  • Eric Moffat (IBM)
  • Paul Webster (IBM)


  • Eric - Investigating issues logging into Orion w/ Firefox
  • Paul - Setting up SDK for Orion development
  • Mark - Proxy splitter work. Can discuss UX of it next week
  • Aidan - Fixing bugs around linked folders. Looking for Gerrit reviewers, more stuff to work on.
  • Anthony - No Orion work this week
  • Grant - New release of Marked w/ security fix. Syntax highlighting for Erlang. Markdown editor
  • Elijah - PoC of different 'search files' views
  • Silenio - Improvements to 'changed files' section on Git repo page.
  • Libing - Working on blob downloader for large files in read-only commit viewer widget, better support for binary file types (don't show garbage in editor).
  • Bogdan - Working on feedback from new Git UI.
  • Curtis - Possible progress on CQ's for HTML outliner, csslint
  • Mike - Support for translating messages from validators. Updated eslint to 0.6.2. Adding new versions of doctrine and escope.
  • Anton - Assist w/ redesign of Git commit workflow. Theme updates. Font updates coming.

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