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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140619

  • Curtis - JS outliner changes
  • Elijah - search fixes, planning for post-6.0 search
  • Anton - tables are now lighter/more compact, shows on some new git pages
  • Grant - markdown editor fixes around pane synchronization
  • Libing - bug fixes, including better handling of error message cases
  • Mark - developing injectable debug harness for Cloud Foundry apps; basic operations (debugger, start/stop, password) are working
  • Aidan (co-op student) - Fixing bugs
  • Anthony - finding bugs for Aidan to work on
  • Bogdan - Git UI tweaks, investigating Firefox-specific bugs, and also a bug that kills the navigation tree
  • Simon - notifications work is in, auto-fetch, menu changes
  • John - at EclipseCon France
  • Ken - bug triage
  • Alex B. (Pivotal) - working on an editing plug-in for Flux integration (to keep Eclipse<->Orion editors in sync)

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