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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140605

Orion Status Call 2014-06-05

Upcoming milestones

6.0 RC1: Monday June 9


  • Mike - esprima parser improvements. Implemented strategy for handling broken expression without violating AST contract. Submitting pull requests against esprima.
  • Curtis - adding CSS outliner tests, bug fixes. Perf improvement to grammar contribution in JS bundle. Fixes for JS Mark Occurrences.
  • Szymon - adding support for managing Cloud Foundry routes. Maciej debugging problems in JGit.
  • Bogdan, Silenio - fix JGit problem. Almost done implementing new Git UI for commit list and log list. Todo: Sync button
  • Elijah - componentizing Search page. created ComboTextInput.js (text box with input completion and history management)
  • Anthony - releng: fixing target, updating Orion features. Fixed metadata issues.
  • Grant - markdown editor: Improving handling of markdown lists.
  • Libing - fixes to read-only commit browser widget.
  • Mark - merged new Mocha 1.18.x with promise support. Almost done selective control of JS validation rules from defaults.pref. Orion Node work to come.

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