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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140529

  • Michael - Bug fixing in Esprima, recovery parser (online recovery box). Thinking of splitting recovery out of parser. Separate version called tolerant. Fixing up some of the recovery as well.
  • Curtis - Fixes for settings pages in.
  • Silenio - Working on new Git commit section on git page. Worked on some iPad bugs.
  • Bogdan - Git stuff and new Gerrit plugin support for commit information for file and folders.
  • Elijah - Search page changes in. Working on turning various sections into search components (refactoring). Then will work on moving search into editor page.
  • Libing - Working on read only view and git/gerrit commit information.
  • Grant - Markdown editor orientation change in. Splitter changes required for this work. Block quotes are now parsed more granularly. Fixed various bugs for folding.
  • Anthony - Finished off adding MQTT support for server events. Currently only utilizing server login. This is early work to support events. Also fixed meta-data messages for updating.
  • Mark - Turned on the tests at sauce labs and these are running now. Converting JS test driver tests to Mocha. Fixed a Orionode bug where left navigator pane could get broken.
  • Ken - Mostly internal things and prepping for conference next week.

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