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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140508


Elijah, Anthony, Anton, Simon, Ken, Grant, Libing, Mark, Bogdan, Silenio, McQ, Mike R


  • Markdown editor work (Grant)
  • Work on the export downloader (Libing)
  • JS Validator bug fixes (Mark)
  • Work on getting Mocha-based Orion client tests running at Sauce Labs (Mark)
  • Git refactoring components work, extracting standalone (Silenio, Bogdan)
  • Created new gerritfs plugin with i18n fixes/patches (Bogdan)
  • Remote docker filesystem syncing investigation (Bogdan)
  • DBCS problems (load/save files in other encodings other than UTF8) (Silenio)
  • Improving the search page UI (Elijah)
  • Work on getting docker running on eclipse servers (Anthony)
  • New styles for editor themes (Anton)
  • Work on the design of the Git status page (Anton)
  • Bug fixes (Esprima) - improved parser recovery (call expressions, literals) (Mike R)
  • Community contributions back to Esprima (Mike R)
  • Server refactoring (Simon)
  • Authentication rework (Simon)

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