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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140424


Libing, Mark, Anthony, Silenio, Elijah, Anton, Bogdan, John, Simon, Grant, Michael, Curtis


  • Working on terminal preference page for docker terminal
  • Converting elements on git pages into components
  • Doing work on being able to customize the styling of Orion when integrating in other products
  • Linking to GitHub repository on the left trim "badges"
  • Improved content assist filtering to remove invalid proposals
  • Moved settings menu to left hand vertical menu
  • Working on componentizing the search page
  • Redesigning the search UI
  • Fixed bug in auto-save
  • Working on translation support for standalone Orion editor
  • Changing Orion metadata to allow embedding entire workspace in docker container
  • Merged updated esprima into our code, testing to ensure all our JS tools still work
  • Improving content assist API and documentation
  • Fixing bugs in read-only repository browser widget to enable sharing cod snippets
  • Adding support for "download" links in repository browser widget
  • Working on markdown editor with combined editor and preview
  • CQ for HTML outline editor
  • Improving validation preference page
  • Improved parser recovery in esprima
  • Support for high availability on Java server

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