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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140417

Attendees: Anthony, Grant, Simon, Mark, Libing, Silenio, Bogdan, Elijah, John, Mike, Curtis


  • wrote cleanup script to remove garbage left by metadata migration
  • mounting projects individually in docker, want to change metadata format so all metadata is moved up a level so we can mount entire workspace directory at root of docker container
  • Fixed bug in file uploading on linux
  • Cleanup work in Orion and orion/node build. Removed source maps from node build
  • Esprima: continuing to work on merging error recovery work with esprima master
  • Handling and displaying github errors better in repository browsing widget
  • Investigating adding a "download" button/link in browsing widget
  • Fixing layout problems in search/replace page
  • Packaging standalone editor together with stylers
  • Added plugin for docker terminal, fixing layout, resizing
  • Elijah fixing a ton of bugs
  • Improving CSS outline
  • Working on HTML outline, looking at different parsers

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