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Orion/Meeting minutes/20131128

  • Curtis - Outliner is improved. Looking at moving to master branch of Esprima so the jsdoc can be added to the tree. Mark occurrences almost done. Slow move to make a tolerant esprima master branch. Few fixes for some page updates.
  • Gosia - Working on deployment story for projects
  • Szymon - Working on deployment using CloudFoundry APIs
  • Maciek - Working on changing DB implementation of Marketplace to MongoDB. Will update wiki page when the work is done.
  • John - Looking at deployment automation. Some maintenance stuff. All the wikitext issues seem resolved.
  • Libing - Fixed some bugs in slit editor. Refactored some code in diff. For M1 would like two things find bar in editor to have recently searched. Keyboard navigation in outliner.
  • Grant - Declarative syntax highlighting turned on. Some bugs.
  • Ken - Mostly internal planning
  • Bogdan - Docker stuff moving along. We have some code on server/client where we can create/start/stop containers, mount volumes. UI side, working with tty.js so will open a CQ for this. Issue is getting communication back.
  • Silenio - Will work on doc for embedding editor. Content assist optional key added. We really need configurable key bindings. Working on generic editor. Example image viewer and markdown viewer on the Gear right now. Register a new editor, and an open with extension, there’s a new extension point that provides a URL template for an iFrame.
  • Mark - Turned on ESLint validator and gradually adding rules until it has parity with JSLint. In master, only warns you of a few things. Fixed issue with build files for require.js minification. HTML files still validated with JSLint.
  • Anthony - See Bogdan
  • Anton - Design notes for deployment will share them. Looking at the context menu (defer to Elijah). Icon font is coming along. Will try to commit by M1.
  • Elijah - Context menu - right click (on Chrome) get a context menu for now. Reusing dropdown.js and making fixes as it goes. Open sub menus on hover vs. click now. Working on defect on filter where an item is not expanded yet is not show.
  • Simon - Helping with Docker server. 2 things for M1. JavaScript tests. Working on FileSystem API changes based on a standard file system API set (like Node).

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