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Orion/Meeting minutes/20131121

  • Curtis - working on outliners
  • Michael - working on getting a current version of Esprima and working on a tolerant version. Kind of like what Acorn does with a tolerant version called Acorn loose.
  • John - looking at indexing options for our content assist. Working on program committee reviews. Really good content on the JS track. Normalizing behaviour of projects/folders. Getting rid of any special treatment for root folders. Also working on doc updates on the wiki.
  • Ken - Mostly internal planning. Still trying to get the marketplace running.
  • Szymon - Looking at CloudFoundry support in Orion. Early days, nothing working yet. Targeting the V2 APIs. Haven’t looked at the new version APIs yet in the new CF client.
  • Maciej - Fixing bug for allowing use of Gerrit. Investigating selenium for browser based tests.
  • Silenio - have fixed many bugs on project and navigator. Putting Elijahs patches in for outline filtering.
  • Anton - design notes for deploying out of Orion. Tabling some items for the UX meeting.
  • Elijah - Filter to outline explorer. Added support for navigating the list using the keyboard.
  • Anthony - server work - working on investigation
  • Libing - bug fixing, search investigation
  • Mark - SSL server fix for self hosting. Merging in ESLint that we have approval for. Have unit tests written as well.

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