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Orion/Meeting minutes/20131024

RC3 to be done soon. Our release review will be October 30th.

There's a getting started option and we're just cleaning it up. Firefox 23 is passing. Git Blame Some menus are not being dismissed properly. Firefox local text settings popup has extra box around it.

  • Mike - Doing testing on Safari and some bug fixes. Working on doc for service stuff.
  • Curtis - Tooling call? Please initiate Curtis.
  • Szymon - Want to be able to disable "getting started" for a targeted internal build.
  • Maciek - Working on persona authentication in marketplace.
  • Gosia - working on some project options
  • Simon - see above
  • Anthony - testing, debugging (Simon - test with bogus characters)
  • Grant - more testing on IE11
  • John - working on planning for next release. stress tested new metadata with 100K projects, worked well. Doc situation is not great shape. Mylyn patch is waiting approval for > 10 images.
  • Libing - File system switcher in search page. Updated Side by Side comparison build.
  • Mark - Sprite work should be done. Fixes in file name mangling. API doc on wiki. Need a new Node build
  • Ken - Testing and doc updates
  • Bogden - Updated URI templates. Looking at menu
  • Silenio - Mini nag not refreshing properly, patch released.
  • Anton - User Assistance task panel is in. Refining and testing. Added all the icons to the design repository. (Simon - can we update the .ico files?)

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