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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130927

Upcoming events

  • 1 week to 4.0RC1
  • UX call Oct. 1 - Review UI changes in navigator(s). Lacking mini-nav support for alternative filesystems. Discuss folder selection dialog for Copy/Paste.


  • Silenio/Bogdan - Fixing many nav bugs. Removing coped code from Settings page. Abstract editor work for post-RC1.
  • Mark - released new service APIs using object references. Added i18n support for plugin-contributed settings. Removing "mixed content" warnings for OrionHub,
  • Anthony - New metadata store is in. Working on migrating
  • Libing - Released search scalibility fixes. Search response times should now be < 1s on orionhub when RC1 is deployed. Should improve even more when Orion includes an updated Lucene (post-4.0). Looking at "ignore whitespace" option in compare view.
    • Note: leading wildcard (*) is no longer implicit in search queries.
  • Grant - Ending the era of Eclipse desktop.
  • Simon - Working on cancellation of promises. Propagation of cancelled XHRs in abruptly-closed iframes to the host page. Plugin framework: filtering out unrecognized postMessages. i18n work.
  • John - 4.0M2 New & Noteworthy. Maven build: fixing test failures, making it deploy builds to, adding client tests.
  • Ken - Worked with UCOSP students, got some commits written. General 4.0 testing.
  • Anton - Added cool new icons for files & folders. Marketplace design work.

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