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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130829

  • Simon - Object Reference serialization effort. Close to checking in. Some work with editor buffer as a first use case. Provides a protocol for remote JavaScript calls.
  • Grant - Looking at parsing results from Shell as an explicit return type of Markdown for example.
  • Gabriel - Patch for git ssh problem. Editor auto-complete features continue. Git diff annotation plugin up for review.
  • Mark - Bug for declarative plugins fixed. Some other rename issues. Looking at SSL deployments (plugins coming from non https servers). Looking at using Simon's work to expose Esprima syntax tree to plugins.
  • Ken - Mostly other work and vacation
  • Bogdan - Mark occurrences is out, you have to install it. Tackling file diffs on the Node server. Fixed a bunch of file diff bugs. Have added a safety backup to send both diffs and the file to check if the diffs is working correctly. Git Blame plugin, refactoring is going on.
  • Silenio - Some other features in the editor including show whitespace.
  • Anton - Design work, modelling the Projects ideas. Should be in a document for the UX call tomorrow.
  • Anthony - Working on metadata migration. Some blockers fixed. Created some tests and converted them to the Orion format.
  • Gosia - Working on an editor for a project (on the json file). Like a manifest editor.
  • Maciej - Mainly working on Orion Marketplace. Separate repo created and work is progressing there.
  • Szymon - Mostly other work. Fixed some license feature issues.

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