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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130822


  • Mark
  • Grant
  • Gabriel
  • Simon
  • Bogdan
  • Silenio
  • Anthony
  • Anton
  • Libing
  • John
  • Szymon
  • Maciek
  • Gosia


  • Working on project client implementation. Adding pluggable concept of project dependencies
  • released log service support hoping to release on next week
  • git diff annotation support
  • support for git clone using ssh connection method
  • We are now running daily orion builds using Tycho and have disabled the old PDE-based builds. * Szymon will write up some notes on how to run the build locally, which will be helpful for reproducing test failures.
  • Investigating site hosting test failures, appears to be related to ports
  • Working on improving search performance. Removing indexing of some fields seems to help. With just solr config changes we can go from 20 seconds to 7 seconds to search on a 4GB data set.
  • Implementing tool to migrate orion server metadata to new data store
  • Working on saving editor changes by sending diffs to server. Will be released soon but disabled by default so brave souls can try it out.
  • Git blame support work in progress, need new API to fetch commit data from server more efficiently
  • Work on JavaScript mark occurrences support close to completion

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